Q: Will I save money by using National 411?
Yes, the average business user will see an approximate savings of 45% when compared to their local telephone company and Long distance rates.

Q: How is it possible to save with National 411?
A: Telephone companies typically negotiate with you on a rate per minute or cost per line and leave incidental calls (411 calls) totally out of the conversation because they tend to overcharge and recoup margin off these incidental calls. National 411 is not a phone company but rather a service provider that specializes in directory assistance services and makes its margins solely from fair
priced 411 calls.

Q: Do I have to change my phone company to use National 411?
A: No, you will keep your existing phone company.

Q: What if I have a contract with my phone company?
A: Typically, phone contracts do not use 411 calls as volume contributors to any volume or term commitments, so you have ability to use National 411.

Q: Do my users have to change the way they dial to access National 411?
No, they continue to dial 411, 555-1212, or Area Code 555-1212.

Q: How do my calls get to National 411 directory assistance?
A: Upon approval of a service order, National 411 issues a unique toll free number that your phone system provider programs into your PBX or Key system. The phone system then transparently speed dials the unique toll free number whenever someone dials 411, 555-1212 or (AC) 555-1212.

Q: Can our corporate cellular users use National 411?
A: Yes, corporate users may share in the benefits of lower 411 costs.

Q: Can I get a lower rate if my company is a heavy user of directory assistance?
A: Yes, National 411 offers volume discounts that begin at 500 calls per month.

Q: How am I billed for National 411 calls?
A: National 411 bills clients a flat rate per call directly to a billing address once every month. A billing statement is provided that shows number of calls, the rate and total of charges. Multiple locations can be centrally billed under one invoice. The standard billing method is paper, but other electronic means are available.

Q: Does National 411 block automatic call completion?
A: Yes, we block auto call completion on every call to save you money.

Q: Where does National 411 get it database for its operators?
A: National 411 purchases its services from a database company that all local Telephone providers get their databases from – there is no difference between them!

Q: How many operator centers do you have?
A: National 411 has four operator center suppliers strategically located in the US.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract to use National 411?
A: We only require a service agreement that a client needs to sign to be issued a toll free number. There are no term commitments required, but rates will be less if client opts for longer terms.