National 411 provides telecom resellers and agents the ability to offer a top rated directory assistance service for their portfolio. We make it easy for partners to increase telecom earnings from their existing client base of revenues. National 411 can either bill a partner’s client directly or bill the partner directly for reselling purposes.

National 411 would love to speak with you about becoming a business partner. If you are interested in becoming a business partner with National 411, please contact us at 847-230-4344 or 888-NATL-411 (888-628-5411).

Partner Resources:
• Current RBOC - IXC - Cellular 411 rates
• Service Agreement
• PBX Installation Instruction form

Partner Frequently asked Questions

Q: How does the Agent program work at National 411?
A: National 411 allows independent agents-consultants the ability to sell directory assistance services within their current portfolio of client service offerings. Our agents do nothing but sell the services and then sit back and reap the benefits. National 411 handles all billing and collection issues.

Q: How will I be paid commissions after I sell National 411 service?
A: National 411 provides agent with an agent cost per 411 call based on contracted volumes and agent sells an agent defined 411 retail call charge to the end user. The difference between retail contract charge and agent cost is the agent’s commission per call. Residual commissions are paid monthly to each agent via direct deposit to their bank account. Agents are issued Id’s and are allowed to bring on sub agents and they will be issued individual sub-agent id’s.

Q: What areas of the country does National 411 cover?
A: We cover the 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico. Agents have the right to sell anywhere they can find business clients for National 411.

Q: What are the target markets for directory assistance calls?
A: The target markets for 411 can be found in hospitals, banking, collection companies, hotels, news agencies and other consumer oriented marketing companies.

Q: How long do agent commissions last?
A: As long as agent remains in good standing with their agent agreement and is still servicing their client base of National 411 customers, agent will receive commissions.

Q: What can an agent expect to earn as a National 411 agent?
A: Agents will earn their money based upon what selling price they set for their 411 calls. Most agents take back anywhere from .05 to .50 per call as commission. In higher volume deals, the agent may take back .02 to .03 per call but because of the volume of calls, they will still make a nice residual for the account.