Directory Assistance Services
National 411 provides a one stop shop for all your directory assistance needs. We provide listings for anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. What you also need to know is that we provide other services like reverse number lookups, address searches and language translation services. Please see below for a list of all services.

Local and National directory assistance
Keep your existing telephone carrier lines
Two listing requests per call
Reverse number lookups
No automatic call completion
US Operators – always
Address lookups
National 411 Guarantee

Customer Service Agreement (.pdf)

Local and National Directory Assistance
National 411 provides lookups from the same database used by local telephone companies across the United States. This database is available to National 411 just as it is to companies like Bell South, SBC, etc… Currently the database is comprised of over 180 million listings ands changes daily. The National 411 database receives updates daily from every telephone company in the country through its data line connection. It is 100% more accurate than other low cost or no cost 411 online providers who utilize outdated lists from scanned telephone books.

Two Listings per 411 call

National 411 operators will provide two listing requests per call. We understand you may need more than one number!

Keep your existing telephone carrier lines
National 411 will work in conjunction with your current local and long distance telephone company lines. We issue you a unique toll free number that is programmed into your PBX, Key or Cellular phone and is transparently speed dialed whenever someone dials either 411, 1+411, 555-1212, or (ac) 555-1212.

Reverse Number Lookups
National 411 operators will provide the name and address information for any listed 10 digit number requested on a 411 call. Reverse number service is available on the same 411 dialed call, no other separate number is required to get this info! Most phone companies make you dial another number for a higher charge!

No Automatic call completion
National 411 recognizes the need to control your long distance call costs. We will not process any 411 call with an automatic call completion option. Other 411 telephone companies charge as much as $.30 per minute to connect your call. This is very important service for the hotel GM who MUST have this auto complete feature blocked or his hotel guests will not be charged for their next long distance call; therefore losing the hotels profit from the 411 call as well as the long distance call that was completed by the telephone company for free to the guest.

US Operators - Always!
National 411only utilizes suppliers that provide operators that are located in the US. We have multiple redundant operator centers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service your 411 call requests. You will never get an overseas operator. Our 411 calls are “ Made in the USA!”

Address Lookups
National 411 can provide you with the names and listed numbers if provided with the listed address information whether on the phone or in bulk for companies who require this service.

National 411 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality directory assistance service and stand behind every 411 call. If you are not completely satisfied with any 411 call, National 411 will gladly refund you the price paid for the call. Please contact National 411 at 847-230-4344 within 24 hours of a processed 411 call that you are not 100% satisfied for a complete refund.